Sunday, 29 June 2008

Oh, Beauty!

Don't know where to pass next month with great pleasure not only for body but to gift the greatest joy to your eyes? I'll tell you the place.

Vietnam; Ho Shi Min and Njachag.
There you will find not beaches, restaurants, nature, historical places or what else from the classical tourist's kit. You will find all the most beautiful girls of the globe there. "Miss Universe 2008", the 57-th show, where on 14 Gune you will have the possibility to see aboout 80 of the girls.

To have something to do in the time when they wait for the final play, the girls exhibit national costumes. I, sincerely, did not understand if those are really national costumes but I think it was beautiful to see them. You can see the photoreportage clicking Here and than on the thumbnails under the great photo.

I liked Miss Thailand:

Photo from �

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Landacre Bridge

We've just come back from a barbeque on Exmoor. I decided we'd go out at 12.00 today when it looked like it was finally going to be a nice day. So we all piled in the car, headed for Sainsburys to stock up on burgers and buns and then travelled down the link road (A361) to North Molton. A few miles outside of this tiny Exmoor village, and just outside the Devon border, is Landacre Bridge. It's an old medieval bridge (according to the guide books) which crosses the River Barle.
Today it was very windy and my children were glad that Daddy had brought so many jumpers so that they could wear them as well as the ones I'd made them bring. We went for a walk while Daddy cooked, then afterwards we got the kite out. It was a fun way to spend a few hours, but be warned - although Landacre is very picturesque and a nice place to go to stretch your legs, there are no facilities except the occassional ice cream van that stops on its way to somewhere else.

Friday, 20 June 2008

How To Stand Relocation

The independent life of every person begins with the own home. And the change of life is the change of home too. So we all have to stand this problem later or earlier. That is why we need Property Town Information to make right decisions in these periods in our lives. It doesn't matter you rent or buy a house or a flat.

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You see, these are important questions. When you have your ideas clear from the first day, all process will cost you less time and health.

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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Temple of Serapis In Pozzuoli

The second place of my interest in Pozzuoli was the Temple of Serapis. I was very impressed by this excavation because you can see here very clearly how the level of the sea changes here. But I have to begin from amphitheater. Because I told you last time about it.

I did not know before that this town is situated on the mountainside. The railway station is in the high part and I had to go down about 10-15 minutes to reach the other railway that went in the direction where was our ritrit.

The first time I lose about an hour to find the right way to do and walked around these streets with the sea in front of me. But it was not very nice walk. Because... See the next photo.

Finally I found the temple and made the photo fron the auto-bridge. If you look with attention, you can see me too there.

Click on the next photo and look at the great columns. You see they are "eated" by the sea organisms. It was time when they were under the level of the sea. But first they were in a high place of the greek town. This town is possible to see if you take a boat.

This temple was not a temple but a market- or slaughter- place. And you see one of the rooms on the next photo.

Finally here you can see that the sea is about 100 meters far from this place today.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Feeding the Birds, and Occasionally the Bears, too

This year, I have been attempting to feed the birds through the summer. Usually I only leave feeders out in the winter, and as I've written here, I often have numerous chickadees, nut hatches, and some finches. It is quite enjoyable to see all of these little creatures crowding in for sunflower seeds. So far this spring, I've had lots of purple finches, some vibrant gold finches, a few nuthatches and chickadees, chipping sparrows and even an indigo bunting. And of course, the hummingbirds are here. They've been back for about a month now.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that my stash of sunflower seeds had been disrupted: The large can in which I keep them had been tipped over. The lid was off, but most of the seeds were still there. This was the same morning that the garbage shed had been invaded, so evidently the bear had decided to look for fresher food than the bags of leftovers in the cans. But something must have scared it off before finishing the seeds. I put the lid on the can, and resolved to remember to bring it, and the feeder, in before I went to bed that night.

Of course, I forgot. I'm fifty now, and they tell me it will only get worse. At two a.m. I remembered, but only after hearing the ruckus on the porch, one story down from my bed. I got up, muttering something about "....that darned bear...", and Greg joined me in my pursuit. We turned on the outside lights, and saw a small bear across the driveway, standing up to reach the feeder on a pole. And there on the porch, half-buried in the tin can of sunflower seeds, was the mama. To my surprise, there was a second little one sitting next to her, loudly crying. We watched for a few moments, long enough to see her get upset with the crybaby. She pulled her head out of the can and let out a very fierce reproach that startled even me, on the other side of the window. At this point, we knew that it was time to put an end to the antics, so Greg moved toward the door, and then rapped on the window. I snapped open and shut another window, and all of that noise was enough to scare the mama and baby on the porch. The mom took off running down the steps, and baby two quickly climbed down the post. They dashed across the driveway, joined baby one, and headed off into the woods. Greg and I brought the can inside, but left the feeder, since it was now in three pieces on the ground, empty of seed.

A half hour later, they were back. Greg said something about "that mama needing some negative reinforcement." She was back up on the porch, this time further in to the front, screened area. We have two other cans out there, but one contains charcoal, the other has grass seed in it. Again we rapped on the windows and she started to run off the porch. Greg threw a chunk of firewood at her, and she ran across the driveway. Meanwhile, the baby near her had climbed into the pine tree just off the corner of the porch. I was ready with the camera, and Greg got two good pictures of the little one before it scampered away with the rest of the family.

(Note: Trouble uploading pictures--I'll try again later.)

Fortunately, that negative reinforcement did the job. They didn't return that night. I've heard that it takes three weeks to change a habit. Why then, does it only take two nights for a bear to pick up the habit of looking on our porch for sunflower seeds? Paul says he sometimes hears them return in the late evening, make a run up the porch to check things out, then head off into the night.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Bear Encounters

The cool weather this spring has delayed the typical plant growth in the forest. The trees took some extra time to leaf out, and the flowers and underbrush are behind, too. I went to gather some wildflowers to put in to a cabin, and it was slim pickings. This is just a minor inconvenience for me, but for the animals, it is a much more serious issue.

In particular, I have read that the bears are challenged in finding enough food to fill their bellies after the long winter. Strawberry blossoms are just starting to peek out, so it will be a while before that fruit is available. The blackflies are still very much with us, and that has me thinking that they haven't finished their job of pollinating the blueberries, so we will wait longer yet for those tasty treats. The foliage on the thimbleberry bushes is still quite small. It all adds up to very little sustenance for the bears. And that means that they are looking elsewhere.

If we have bears in camp, their first stop is the garbage shed. I wrote three years ago how Addie and I were dealing with a bear when Greg and the boys were on a trip to Alaska. That time, I put a hasp with a turning clasp on the shed door, and the bear took one look at it and tossed it on the ground. Never mind that it took me about a half hour to properly install it, with my limited powertool skills. Since then, we haven't had that many intruders, so a new system for locking up the garbage shed has never been installed. When Greg had built the new door some years back, he planned to finish it with quarter iron all around the edge. That way a bear would have a difficult time getting a good purchase on it, as they can with wood. With no immediate need to do this, it fell lower on the priority list.

Until a few weeks ago, that is. I noticed the door open wide on the shed one day, and there on the ground at the base of the porch was all the evidence of a bear binge. We've been through this drill before....we know to follow the trail, with rake and shovel, well into the woods, to pick up the garbage strewn about. This time we were lucky that the shed wasn't very full, so it was only a bag or two that needed to be cleaned up. Greg took care of it, and when he came back inside, he complained that he could still smell bear. I couldn't, so I have no idea what bear smells like.

That day, he cleared his schedule and worked on the door. He put the iron in place, and then worked on a new latch. The one that he came up with, to me, is a real stroke of genius. If a bear can figure this one out, I'll be a monkey's uncle...or aunt, as the case may be.

So far, so good. The garbage has stayed in the shed, and the ground has been clear. We're one step ahead of the bear.

Ilfracombe Victorian Week

I've been to Ilfracombe four times in the last ten days. Not through choice, but because my children have had dancing rehearsals and exams at the Landmark Theatre. All week there have been people wandering around in Victorian costume and yesterday saw the final day of the town's annual Victorian Week. So we took the opportunity of a nice day and an enforced wait to have a wander around.

To be honest there didn't seem a lot that was out of the ordinary of a typical village fete, apart from the obvious costume thing. There were bouncy castles, trampolines (which I refused to pay for my children to go on as they have one in the garden which is free!), craft stalls, and Victorian fairground rides such as the galloping horses and a heltersketler. The Punch and Judy show was nice, we took advantage of that whilst eating the obligatory Hockings ice cream. There was a brief blink-and-you-miss-it parade complete with a po-faced Queen Victoria, but appart from the fairground rides the most fun my children had was in the Amuesment Arcade. Good job it was nice weather!

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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Roman Amphitheaters In Campania/Italia

The most known Amphitheater is logically Colosseum in Rome. It's the largest ever built in Empire and belongs to the greatest architectural works of Romans.

But it's not the last. Third largest and better conserved in time is the amphitheater of Pozzuoli (photo from Wikipedia). This one was used for sea-battles too.

Here, in Campania there is the second large amphitheater too, that of Capua, a town situated not so far from Pozzuoli and Naples (not more than 20 km, I think). In Nocera and Pompei there are amphitheaters too.

Well, that of Nocera was built after the scuffle in Pompei, so it has to be built between 60 and 65 aC. Archeologists think it has to be LARGER as those of Capua. And because I just told you that the amphitheater of Capua was second large in the world, so imagin the importance of Nuceria Constantia of Roman times. They say, there was an other in Salerno too, but today it's difficult to find it.

Now if you want to think about this quantity of enormous amphitheaters in a relatively little zone. About 60-70 km from Nocera to Pozzuoli and to Capua. And there is an enormous theater with -as they say- really great acustic in Nocera (it's in the same conditions as Necropoli actually, read: Roman Necropolis Of Nocera Superiore)...

I think that Roman Empire had it's end because they did not work and did not make babies, they passed all the time to make feasts.

The amphitheater of Nocera is actually under earth. I read about projects to begin the excavations, but I'm not sure about it because I did not find the precise date of this "great event".

Here I post some photos of the amphitheater of Pozzuoli that I visited during ritrit. It was closed because of first morning hours when I arrived there and I have only external photos.

If you click on the photo and see the original size, you can imagin better the size of this building. And it's beauty.

Here you see the modern sitting steps. I think it's used for different plays today, so as they do in Pompei. Personally I had not this possibility to assist a performance in ancient amphitheater else, but I think it's a great idea to continue the use of this buildings.

Here you see the internal enormous corridor. I think it was not for visitors. There is possible to see (if you enter inside) the places where there were lifts for animals, rooms for gladiators.

This photo I had to make too light that you can see the down part. In the light of the first morning sun that part was too dark for my camera.
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Pozzuoli. The City On The Volcano

Monday, 9 June 2008

Whistler In Canada Is The Number 1 Rated Ski Resort

Yes, it's true: for the last 8 years Whistler in Canada is rated number one ski resort in North America. You have to know that Whistler Blackomb is the official Alpine Skiing Venue for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

There are 2 mountains: Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain, 2284 and 2182 metres high, open for skiing from November till April and later. Out there is uncontaminated nature just some steps away from the Village. This place
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The navigation of the site is very easy. Use
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Mausolei Of Gens Cornelia And Gens Lutatia

In these posts we are visiting places of interest for tourists in Nocera Superiore in Province of Salerno:
First part Roman Necropolis Of Nocera Superiore
Second Part Mausoleum of Gens Numisia

In these posts we are visiting the places of interest in Province of Salerno, Italy.
Next part of our trip in the history of Nuceria Constantia demonstrates us the very great importance of this town in the region. It's enough to remember the names of the families who lived there in that period.

On the photo here you see mausoleum of gens Cornelia. Follow my advise, click on the photo and see it in the original size to have right impression. Now imagine that on the right and on the left ledge there are statues of lying lions that protect peace of the persons buried there. And there is the upper part of this building with the cupola.

Well, you have to know that gens Cornelia was one of the 100 original families of Rome. This is an other monument remembering us about the most important families of Rome.
Gens Lutatia was a family of plebeian origins, but in 242 bC one of it's members, Gaius Lutatius Catulus, won Carthaginian fleet and later they had other heroes, so in the I centurty bC this family was very important.

This mausoleum was built to bury "a 17-years old boy of noble origins that had splendid future for him and was more beautiful as a god, but the goddesses of freshwater, Naiads, took him with them".
This other monument I did not know what family belongs to . It seems it has to be built after the eruption of 79 dC. There is not so much information about other parts of Necropolis. This monument was burried to preserve it's down part, I think.

The down part of the street was filled up with ashes by the eruption of Vesuvio and floods. The upper part of these monuments was visible and people used stones and statues to create latest burial places.

Mausoleum of Gens Numisia

First part Roman Necropolis Of Nocera Superiore

So, I began to tell you about Necropolis of Pizzone in Nocera Superiore. This second post is about one of the families that lived in that town.

Gens Numisia, so far I found in internet, was an etruscan family. There are their burial places in Pompei (that town ws 2 times more little as Nuceria) and not far from Latina. There is even a sort of vine that has their name. This family had to be very important in Nuceria because they built this enormous mausoleum 12 meters in diameter that was inspired by the mausoleum of Augustus in Rome.
On this photo (down) you see how big it is when you are near it.
We wanted to enter inside the monument and... I was surprized because I could not imagine what I will see inside. Only a very narrow corridor, about 1,5 meter large circular place in center of the building with 8 little niches for cinerary urns and 2 buriing signs in the other end of the corridor.

I did not understand the why of this enormous building. Maybe the archaeologists could not understand it too, because they tryed to open the wall but there is nothing as the wall there.

3 part Mausoleums Of Gens Cornelia And Gens Lutatia

Roman Necropolis Of Nocera Superiore

I told you before, that the director of our Archaeological Group of Salerno asked me to organize for our members a visit to the Necropolis of Pizzone in Nocera Superiore where I live. The problem with this archaeological excavation is that it's always close. Normally, these places are open by the volunteers of archaeological groups, but the Archeoclub of Nocera Inferiore has not enough members, I think. And there are too many interesting and historically important monuments. So I offered myself to be a guide for the "Open Doors" manifestation and the problem was solved for me.

Unfortunatelly I had only 2 days for preparation before I went to ritrit in Pozzuoli, but I hope I did it good.

Here I want to write some posts about this Necropolis. And the first is about the street where it was built.

Residents of Nuceria Constantia wanted to make special impression on the traveller leaving the town with this Necropolis, I think. They dug 60 meters of the street 3 meters under the country-level. You see the board behind the mausoleums (on the right).

Romans used to bury their deceased around the main roads going out from their towns. These street was very large (10 meters) and divided in 3 parts -it's difficult, but you can see it on the second photo. Near the mausoleums you can see places where the traveller could sit "and meditate about the fate".

We could not see the covering of the street from high, so the first visitors and than I too, we went down and found stones that delimitate boards of the center of roman street. Interesting is that you can not understand how large it is when you look at it from high. Sincerely, I don't know why this street has not the cover of stone blocks. I saw roman streets in different parts of Italy, they were all made from stone blocks. Maybe those were more important streets...

Read more:
2 Part Mausoleum of Gens Numisia
3 Part Mausoleums Of Gens Cornelia And Gens Lutatia

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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Spring Music in the Woods

We've been having some fun with the white throated sparrows lately. Greg can whistle the exact song of these sweet little birds. One day while we were enjoying our lunch on the side porch, we heard several sparrows singing in the yard. So he started to sing back. It wasn't long before a couple of them flew to the trees near to us, trying to find this new neighbor they were hearing. I got to see a little one in the white pine by the corner of the porch, and was able to capture a photo while he was singing.

I love how they lift up their little heads and how their little chests puff out while they sing.

Another bird enounter we had was with a pair of killdeer. Our neighbors had been telling us about these birds and their behavior. When we looked it up in the bird book, the description fit them to a T. If they have a nest nearby, they will leave it and make a big show of acting like they have an injured wing. This is to distract the "predator" from the nest. We watched both of the birds do this little act several times for us, and as we retreated, they would get up and then find a new spot to do it again. It was quite a thing to watch. We didn't look for the nest, as we didn't want to disturb any little ones. We did get a few photos and video clips of the adults. I am impressed with how well they blend in to the background scenery.

Last week, Paul spotted an indigo bunting in the birch tree right outside of our window. I had not seen one before, so that was a fun sighting. And finally, on a recent walk on the side road, I heard a lot of chittering noises as I approached a large aspen tree. Looking up, I noticed a small hole, and somebody poking a beak out of it. A mama hairy woodpecker flew out, and went to a neighboring tree to peck for insects. While she was gone, those babies in the tree made such a loud ruckus, I thought for a moment that the tree was shaking. She kept up a steady chirp to them, in between her peckings, but it didn't calm them one little bit. I continued on my walk, but paused again as I passed by on my return. The little ones were still making a fuss, though not as loudly. Evidently, their mama must have found enough bugs to keep them satisfied for a bit.

This time of the year it is a real pleasure to wake up early in the morning. The chorus that greets me is a wonderful reminder that spring is really here.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Good Fishing...and Catching

There's been some serious fishing--and catching--going on in these parts lately! The late spring has kept the water temperature on the cool side, and that means that the fish are still in relatively shallow waters. These good looking lake trout were caught by the Olson Family, and they reported having an excellent time fishing. We heard that the bass are biting also. The mosquitoes are biting, too, and I'm told that means that the walleyes will be hungry. I haven't seen many of those since the week after the ice went out. Hopefully reports for those will start rolling in any day now.

Something else rolled in today instead....a big grey cloud of smoke. Greg and I first noticed it mid-morning, while we were out in a boat. This was my first boat ride of the season, and we went to check out the progress of the cabin-building on the lake. I smelled the smoke before I really noticed it. The wind was coming from the northwest, and the far western end of the lake was looking quite hazy. I asked Greg if he thought that maybe he was going to be called upon to go help fight a fire, but he didn't think so. He said that if this was a fire that was nearby and just starting, we would see a plume of smoke, not a blanket. He said that this was probably someone else's fire. Sure enough, when we got home, we learned that it was actually smoke that had blown down from fires in Manitoba and Ontario. We just happened to be in the path that the wind was blowing. It's been so wet this spring, it would have surprised us if the fire had been close to us.

What I found most interesting, though, was how the scent of that smoke in the wind immediately flooded me with memories of a year ago. I was changing beds in Tamarack cabin, and found myself thinking about doing that same task last year, and I could remember for whom I was getting the cabin ready: On Sunday night, it was for our friend Mark, evacuated from the end of the trail. On Tuesday night, it was another friend named Mark, and his son Nathan, coming up from Duluth to help us set up sprinkler heads. Other cabins were in stages of use for Forest Service personnel, the early waves of people working the fire before all of the staging area was in place. I could remember vivid details of the moments in those days. Maybe my memory isn't failing me as badly as I sometimes think it is! I know that the sense of smell is a powerful reminder, and today reinforced that for me.

As I was sitting this evening and knitting on my current sock project, we noticed how pretty the colors were in the sky. They just happened to coordinate with the colors in my yarn. This is another result of the smoke in the air--it often brings beautiful sunsets.