Sunday, 24 July 2005

Singing Loons

We awoke this morning before six to the sound of two loons singing in front of the lodge. Who could argue with a wake-up call such as that? For whatever reason, this year in particular has been filled with their music, both morning and evening.
Shar, Addie and Sophie have been busy in the last few days picking blueberries. The crop is once again fantastic, though Addie says it is not quite as good as last year. We have had some rain, which helps to plump up the green ones. Looks like we will have some berries in the freezer to enjoy in pies and scones this coming winter.
Our temperatures have been running mostly in the seventies this week, and the nights have cooled off to the high-fifties and low-sixties. It is such a welcome relief from the eighties and nineties that we had earlier in the month.

Friday, 22 July 2005

Heston's Nature Notes

Greetings from the sunny Northwoods!
On Gunflint Lake, we often get to see activites in the natural world that we want to share with neighbors, friends and guests of our resort. Thanks to the Web, we have the opportunity to share these things on a different basis, one where you can read and see pictures more regularly. Stop in when you can, to see what is new in our outdoor world.