Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wine Tourism In Italy

I wrote different posts about the wines of Campania, Italy in my other travel blog (listed in the bottom) and plan to describe some of the wines in next posts. That is why I was attracted by the news notice about strange use of the wine in Nord of Italy. One of the enterprises decided to attract persons offering them baths of wine (not wine-wine but extract from the must), massages with creams made with wine/must, rooms made inside the "barrels" (not natural). They say, there are queues months and months long to enjoy this invention. Yes, it's interesting.

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I wonder if the wine-makers from Sud Italy, those that love their wines so much, those that make everything possible to occupy their good place among the world known leading figures would create something similar if they could. Speaking with some of them in the testing I understood, they are very proud of their wines because they are born there, because they continue the millenary tradition, because their vines are so special while growing in the National Park of Vesuvius... I think, this, from North Itlay, attraction, devalue the high level of appreciation that wine-makers wanted (at least I understood it so) to create.

What do you think about it?

These are my articles:

Strange Museen

The videos here are not for sensible persons.

There are different strange museen all over the world. One of them is situating in Holland, Oegstgeest. It's a look inside the human body interesting for adults and children too. I found one video where you can see some interesting moments of the visit. There is a slide show in the official site Corpus -very impressive.

Unfortunatelly I could not insert the video, so you have to pass to YouTube

I just wanted to make a roundup of scientific museen. Some of them I vesited. For example, the museum of the medicine in Riga, Latvia. I walked through the rooms with the mouth open, I remember. It was many years ago. The other from the historical scientific meseen is Kunstkamera, S. Petersburg, Russia, collected by Zar Peter I. The video here shows the most shoking and old part of the collection, so, if you are too sensible is better if you pass DO NOT WATCH these video.

The other similar museum is "Dupuytren" in Paris. The museum of the patologic anatomy.

We are afraid of these sides of the life. But it's reality. And it's good maybe to see all this to appreciate the life we have and the body the good God gave us.

The Pirates' Paradise Island

This is the last post from the series about pirates of the Caribbean sea and their treasures. The first post I wrote on the 2/28/10 and there were other 5 posts.

We found sure places where the treasures wait for us.


Nassau, the last place related to pirates we are discuting here, is the capital of Bahamas, a 29-islands country. These islands were very popular place where pirates had their meetings in XVII-XVIII centuries and there are surely treasures to discover here too. But I have instantly disappoint you, if you as me dream about a trunk full with coins and jewelry. The government of Bahamas banned ANY treasures searching activities and you will have a bed result if you try it.

So, the only treasures we can enjoy there are Paradise Island with that incredible hotel with enormous aquarium, different tours that offer agencies and the glance of the nightlife.

One more consideration. Some parts of the capital, Nassau, are not very sure till today, so it's better to visit only those parts where there are not problems with security of the persons.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Dead Sea Treatments And Attractions

An other marvel of this world I want to tell you about today is the Dead Sea, situating between Israel and Jordan. This salt lake is the deepest in the world, but the most interesting peculiarity of this place is that it's situating 422 m below the sea level! And if you look now at the map, you will notice that it is not so far from the Mediterranean sea. How is it possible, I asked myself? Probably it's because from both sides of the lake there are mountains protecting it from all the other world: winds, climatic changes. Imagine that not far from it there is a desert too!

These position of the Dead Sea makes it very interesting for travel. A visitor can pass relaxing days near the lake healing maybe his/ her rheumatism or arthritis or respiratory disorders, inspiring the aerosol of the minerals of the evaporating water and taking water and mud baths. Tourism is the main industry there, and Dead Sea hotels have very friendly staffs and home like atmosphere. Some of them are situated directly on the beach of the lake.

Staying in these hotels you can visit Jerusalem distant only one hour journey from there, or, riding a camel, reach one of the next oasises. Among the other activities you can climb the rocks or watch animals that live only in this area.
There are many important sight-seeings in this zone too. It's enough to mention the Massada fortress where 1000 men, women and children prefered to die to avoid slavery in Roman Empire. As you see, Dead Sea promises us not only unforgettable vacation but good health too. Where do you find an other place like this?

Monday, 29 March 2010

Would you like to visit Vietnam?

This incredibly beauty is UNESCO World Heritage Site -Halong bay in Vietnam. 1960 isles! Could you imagine how it had to be to see all this from the boat?

I've watched the documentaries about this area many times but every time I have the impression it is not real. These photos were taken by "normal" persons that travelled there! So, I have to believe them.

Did you notice that the most beautiful places in the world are where the civilization could not put it's foot? When you watch the documentaries next time, look at the persons in what conditions they live. Maybe I'm not right, when I look at their life from my European point of view. We often thik, we have to change the conditionds of others -humans, animals - to make them more happy. In the last years I read that many of the persons that lived in "primordial"conditions turn back to their origins after they learn our style of life because we do not live naturally. Well, probably everybody has to live where he/she is born. The ancient wissdom says: happy is who finds his place where he is born. I envy such persons...

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Cayman Islands -Everything For Tourists

I was really shocked when I've seen this photo. I looked for information and photos for my next post about the Caribbean Pirates and the Cayman Islands. Those were desert islands in XVIII century but many ships, specially English ships, visited them to add tortoises to their menu. There was an enormous population of tortoises in that period there.

Well, when I saw the photo I remembered Steve Irwin.It seems to me, it was the same species of ray-fish that killed him... Oh yes, you are right, is unprobably that somebody would allow the tourists to come near these fishes if they were dangerous but...

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And here is the tortoise from the species living on these islands. The residents of the islands grow them now. In fact, I found different reviews where the persons that visited these islands tell about it. The stories in those reviews are so enthusiastic, that I began to dream about such a vacation too. Interesting cruises and swimming in this clear water every day -what could be better?

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Your Breakfast In Italy

I just wrote about the breakfasts in Italy and practically now I'll repeat my opinion. It is because different persons claimed the breakfasts in Italian Hotels, this time. Personally I don't like hotels because they seem to me ...I don't know how to express it... they have not a soul. They don't like you. Hotels -buildings, not the persons. That is why I do everything possible to avoid them if I can. But the brekfasts in hotels are a special side of the story. They are terrible. It's not only my opinion, it's what different persons think about this theme. And not only about the low cost but middle-high level hotels too.

The solution, if you are in Italy, is very simple.
Go out in the street. Look right and left. Find a bar. Look inside if they have "cornetti" and, if those they have, you like them. It's besser if they are warm like in this photo.

??????? ??-??????????

Enter in the bar and ordine "un caff� (cappuccino) e un cornetto ( con marmellata/chocolata)" -about euro 1,00-1,40/ 1,80 in our zone.
If you want more coffee, ask "caff� lungo makki�to (it's pronunciation, you have to write "macchiato") -on my second photo (the same price of normal coffee), a coffee cup full with coffee with a drop of milk. "Kapuchch�no"(cappuccino) is coffee with milk in a little tea-cup. You can ask milk with coffee and it will be a big glass with much milk and some coffee ("latte con caff�").

Believe me, it will be a great breakfast specially if you found a bar with very good "cornetti". If you want more, eat the second "dolce" ("sweety") that you like.

??????? ??-??????????

Sunday, 28 March 2010

New Old Pictures Uploaded!

In my continuing recent efforts to back-up some of my older pictures, I've uploaded some more pictures from two trips in 2006.

One set is from a trip I took to Argentina to visit Andr�s. I started off in Buenos Aires, and when Jos� arrived from Mexico, he and I took a trip up to the northwestern part of Argentina to do a bit of backpacking. Some nice pictures in there.

The other most recent set is from a trip that I took to Europe in 2006. I visited Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark, and there are also quite a few interesting pictures from that trip, as well. So, please feel free to check them out, and I hope you enjoy them!

The links above are to the flickr page for each collection, but if you prefer the black-backgrounded fluidr page, you can also seem the pictures by clicking on the following links:

Europe 2006

Thanks for reading!

Springtime in Edinburgh

Finally the spring is here and we can enjoy the sun, the mild wind and the beauties of Edinburgh that seems to become younger too. Our Edinburgh apartments allow us to see all the magnificent views of the city in the morning shine, and they call us to go out and to permit to the sun to caress the skin. Edinburgh has many places to visit in any period. Some of the most important museums of the UK, for example. Don't you know them? The National Gallery of Scotland where you can see the works of Velazquez, Cézanne, Monet and Gauguin. I adore Impressionists and this attraction is irresistible for me. The other is The Modern Museum of Scotland where you can learn more about culture and the history of Scotland. In the Royal Museum of Scotland you can "meet" famous sheep Dolly, and many other scientific discoveries will present you the world from the side you've never thought about.


But we do not want to enter the buildings in this splendid spring day. What is better than an airing in the Gardens of the Princes Street? There are only two steps from our Edinburgh accommodation till this shopping district of the Old Town. The street divides the historical center in two parts. The gardens were planned together with the streets in XVIII century and built in XIX century, and that is why they have that fashion of that gorgeous fine age. Standing in the shadow of the Castle we have a great look on the city. Tourists and townspeople are here too. It's the place of the meetings for all those who are in Edinburgh in any period, but spring sun makes it so that nobody can stand aside and do not come here.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Pompei, Italy: Explanations On The Streets

This post continue the talk about my trip in Pompei, Italy (region Campania) Now I want to show you an interesting peculiarity of this town. I liked it very much.

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On the main streets that diverge from the Sanctuary I found great signs with the descriptions from the life in the Roman age. Written in Italian and English but with beautiful and clear pictures if you don't know both of them. I think, it's very good innovation (it did not exist when I was there last time). Every visitor of the excavations, like me, could not imagine what was here before. The ruins are only the ruins -they are the same in all the times, they are not interesting if you do not understand what it is.

I invented this photographing of the signs when I have not time to read them, than I come home and can read them clearly with zoom. They are full of interesting information normally.

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Friday, 26 March 2010

How To Be Sure To Take Bus Or Train In Campania, Italy

When you travel in other country or in an other region of own country, you have to solve a problem with tickets. I just wrote, it's comfortable to buy all the possible tickets online, if tere is this possibility. Tickets of trains, airplains and museums-shows-exhibitions are often avilable online. It's completly different, if you have to waste time looking for a ticket office and than wait your turn to buy that ticket, or when you just have a ticket and can only explore the timetable and the place where you have to take your bus/train and maybe visit the toilet or a bar.

I could not understand the system here, in Campania, where to find that damned ticket, so I'll describe it here if you suddenly need this information. You will read my next posts about the wines of Campania and will decide to come here urgently to taste them together with me. ;-))) Well, if together, you don't need to read this post because you will have me as a guide, and I just know everything.

On the photo over here id the railway station of Pompei. It was my latest trip, so, this is the most fresh photo I have. Why I did not take a photo of the railway station of Nocera Superiore -is a mystery that nobody could explain today.

In any case you hacve to know that many of the stations DO NOT HAVE ticket offices. That of Pompei has it, but that of Nocera Superiore has no ticket office neither timetables. Here you have to know just what train you have to take and to be just with a ticket.

If there is a ticket office, you have not to be toooooo happy about it. Because you have to be sure that it will be open when you come there.

Once I had to visit one of the near villages. It was the period when the new system to buy tickets was introduced here. I had not tickets. The bus driver waited for me till I bought the ticket in the bar, and I could happily arrive in that village I had to go. About an hour later I finished all my tasks there and wanted to go home... when I discovered all the shops, bars, offices etc etc were closed for lunch. And they will be open at 17:00. Point. It was at 13:00. This village is about 10 km far from my home... I stopped the bus (the same -I was happy that day) and prayed the driver to take me on board. I don't want money, he said, I'm not a ticket collector. But he allwod me to enter.

These are the new (for today) tickets you can use in most busses and trains of the region. The same for the bus and for the train. Valid for that period of time written on it. It means, if you need to take first bus than train, than another train (if you go from Nocera in Pozzuoli for example), you can use one ticket till you reach the place where you are going.

If you don't find a ticket office in the station, you have to look for "Tabaccaio" or a nearest bar or news stall. Look for a such sign:

The Madonna of the Rosary Sanctuary of Pompei

I told you, I wanted to visit a manifestation where were presented the wines of Campania that took place in Pompei on Marz, 25. It happend so that I came an hour earlier and had time to visit Sanctuary too.

This Sanctuary is very important for all the residents of Campania and there is a day in May,I think, when they go to visit it at feet. A sort of pelgrinage. I know persons that walk 12 km till Pompei every year to thank Madonna for received grace. Once I has to go in Naples with the bus that passed through Pompei on that day and there were hundreds of persons walking in Pompei long all the road.

???????? ? ???????

I just described the sanctuary in my post Sanctuary Of The Modern Pompei and invite you to visit it for more information and photos.


I don't think I have seen this boat before.  While looking around online however, I sooned learned why that is. The Neptune is the sole vessel in the Stonington fleet that fishes for Royal Red Shrimp. Travelling hundreds of miles offshore, she is often at sea for several days at a time. Built in 1967 by Blount Marine of Warren, Rhode Island, the vessel is 76 feet long.

I recently finished reading The Last Fish Tale by Mark Kurlansky, which takes a rather somber look at the commercial fishing industry in Gloucester. While Stonington is not Gloucester, or even Pt Judith, it does surprise me to discover that there is a local boat fishing for shrimp.

A few days after our recent nor'easter, I saw her lying quiet and still along the south pier of the Stonington docks. Her outriggers and nets all shrouded in fog. The one and only shrimp boat in Connecticut's last remaining commercial fishing fleet.

UCONN Seagrant: Royal Red Shrimp- Stonington's Secret

Soundbounder: Stonington Fishing Fleet

CT Coastal Access Guide: Stonington Town Docks

New York Times: Stonington Red Is Catching On


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Picture of the Day, March 25, 2010

The day's still in full swing, but I wanted to post today's Picture of the Day, taken very early this morning before I went to bed:

So, happy birthday, Josh! Hope the next 30 and beyond are great for you!

Picture of the Day, March 24, 2010

Here's the Picture of the Day from yesterday:

It was getting late, and I didn't have many ideas, so I took a picture of Angela while she was planning her lesson. She's wearing a dress she got at Ross during our last trip, and she loves it... thanks for the shopping tip, Paul!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Memory Motel

In August of 1972, my grandfather on my father's side passed away. It was the first time I was old enough to  have a grasp of what death actually meant. My father, just 42 then, had lost both of his parents to the ravages of cancer. Only now that I am of a similar age can I comprehend how life-altering and difficult that must have been for him at that time.
In those waning days of August, with the school year fast approaching, my parents attempted to salvage something from that summer of loss by loading us all in our Buick station wagon and heading for Montauk Point. We only spent about four days there, but when I look back now, it seems like we spent a month.
We visited the lighthouse; we swam at the beach; my older brothers went bluefishing with my father; we walked the docks at sundown; played miniature golf; and ate lots of seafood and ice cream. Willie Mays was  on TV in a Mets uniform, and Saturday In The Park was played in heavy rotation on our transistor radio.

But what I remember most about that time is the Manorville Motel. It can only be described as a sort of third rate romance, low rent rendezvous kind of place. If not for it's location, it would have been considered a dive. Who am I kidding? It was a dive, plain and simple,.....even by Montauk, 1972 standards.
In the adjacent unit were a couple who never seemed to leave their apartment, or go to sleep. The two-inch walls that divided us from them were no match for the arguing and crashing that took place daily. Like an x-rated version of Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf, I learned all kinds of new phrases about sexual inadequacy, alcohol abuse, and dysfunctional relationships ( I misconstrued most of the words, but my friends back home were impressed nonetheless). On the final night of our stay, a police car arrived and the apartment next-door went silent.
As you might have suspected, we never went back to the Manorville Motel. In the 1990's, I went looking for it and discovered it was gone. The buildings have all been demolished, and no one seems to remember much about the roadside motel that still lives on inside me.
There is that old saying about how we die twice: once in our natural death; and again when there is no one left who remembers us. It happens with cheap motels too, in a much shorter span.  Time rolls over everything, and even I am beginning to forget many of the details from that infamous trip nearly 40 years ago. I am no longer too sure it was called the Manorville. There are times the name sounds right, only to be followed by second guessing and a feeling of doubt.  If only there had been a song written about the Manorville.
A few miles down the road on the Atlantic Ocean side of town is the perennial dive Memory Motel, complete with curio lounge and live music on weekends. A few years after our visit, the Rolling Stones stayed at Andy Warhol's Montauk house and immortalized this cousin of the Manorville with their 7 minute song on the Black & Blue album. The motel has been able to capitalize on this fame for 35 years.  The Manorville was never that lucky. 
Today there are coffee table books and websites solely devoted to the "Roadside America" that many of us still remember fondly. In movies they have practically become a cliche (think Quentin Tarantino). It's funny, how in photos and in film, they always look better than the actual buildings today. Built with the cheapest materials possible, and designed for a quick buck, theses tributes to aluminum, formica, and paneling, haven't aged very well. They always appear better through the filter of memory, or better yet,...the melody of song.

"It's on the ocean, I guess you know it well"

The American Motel: Vintage Photos
Trip Advisor: Memory Motel Reviews (you've been warned)
New York Times: Montauk Footnotes (scroll down to #2)

photo credit: Wikipedia (top), Lisa Carpenter, Rock & Roll Landmarks (bottom)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pictures of the Day, March 22 and 23, 2010

Here are the Pictures of the Day for March 22nd and 23rd. Be sure to check out the Leftovers, as well as the rest of the new pictures I've been uploading. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to gradually put up more from 2006, starting with the Eurotrip from that year. In the meantime, enjoy!

March 23rd: A self-portrait. I've never really done them much, and I found that taking one is somewhat hard, especially when you're using a mirror to do it, and without enough light. I think during this particular picture, Angela was recounting a bit of Berlin gossip from the day, and I was tired.

March 24th: Today the mango guy came around with his truck of mangoes. Obviously, the situation presented an ideal time to purchase some mangoes. That's Angela's hand putting a mango on the scale.

So, thanks for reading, and take care!

Shell Beach In Guilford

The stretch of Route 146 from Branford to Guilford is arguably the most rural section of the Connecticut shoreline. Farmhouses and barns still dot the landscape, and there are large portions of waterfront land that remain undeveloped. Along with the North Fork of Long Island, there is a sense of space here that can be hard to find in other regions of the Sound.
Despite the open landscape, coastal access here is very limited. Most roads leading to the shoreline are private, and there are many signs posted to remind you of this. There are exceptions however, and Shell Beach in Guilford is one of them. On the road leading to the beach community of the same name, is a small public space that borders the tidal flats along Island Bay.
It is really not much of a "beach". A more appropriate name would have been Sprained Ankle Beach. There are rocks, and lots of them.  But if you are like me, it is these passive, out-of-the-way places that are often the most appealing. It is a place to enjoy a quiet and unique view that is all too rare these days. 

CT Coastal Access Guide: Shell Beach

Monday, 22 March 2010

Pictures of the Day, March 18, 19, 20, and 21, 2010

Here are the Pictures of the Day for March 18th-21st. Remember that the 18th was my 30th birthday, so I took 30 pictures of "30," which you can check out here. So, here are the other Pictures of the Day from between now and then. Enjoy!

March 18th: Angela walking on the beach. Taken at Playa Esterillos, on the Central Pacific coast. Really nice beach. And really nice back.

March 19th: When we got back home from the beach, the lights went out for about two hours, so I took some pictures with candles. I liked this one, which reflected off the "Story of Coffee" bottle Angela's dad made for us.

March 20th: "Dueling Tigers," my name for the two pictures hung up in the living room at Angela's folks' house. After Cucho and Chubby, these are my two favorite cats in Berlin.

March 21st: We had Lucy, Wilson, Paola, Juan, and Hannah over for supper tonight. Stupidly, I didn't think of taking any pictures while they were around, but at least I got a picture of the hot pad and cooling rack after everyone had left.

So, that's it for now. Hopefully there was something you liked, but if not, remember that there are quite a few leftovers, which you can see by clicking on the leftovers link below. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Ebuzzing UK For Bloggers And Advertisers

Bloggers, earning money with ebuzzing in the UK is now a reality!  The platform announces it's launch and invites all us bloggers to earn money by blogging and inserting videos and banners in our blogs. It's a good idea, I would say, to connect different possibilities to monetize our blogs in one project. Personally I don't like when the things become too complicated. Not only because I'm lazy, but also because the earnings of every single banner or block of ads can be not very significant. When they come from different companies, you have to wait for a long time to reach the sum before you can transfer to your bank. In this case, when all the payments contribute to create this sum, the payment's date is not that far away.  

Here I'll explain to you how it works. 

First of all register on to control the new opportunities you can take advantage of in order to earn money by writing articles for existing campaigns. You can read about the previous campaigns in the post "Why you should join ebuzzing", visiting ebuzzing's blog.

The other possibility is to add players for  the video campaigns to the sidebar. It's not difficult. Select the video by language, if there is a campaign in English, and add the code to the HTML-widget of your blog. On the photo you see how it will appear once finished the installation.

On the photo below is the example how you can insert banners in your blog. After that you will earn money every time somebody watches the video.

Monetisation of a blog was never so easy, clear and effective. Join our community of bloggers on Ebuzzing and enjoy all the great possibilities it offers to you.

Sponsored Post


The title of this post says it all: XXX! Yep, folks, that's right! Thirty!

On March 18th, I had my 30th birthday, so I decided to take 30 pictures of "30" throughout the day. If you're interested in checking them out (including the one below with the three-legged dog), you can see them all by clicking on this link. It was a pretty fun little project.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Pictures of the Day, March 16 and 17, 2010

Here are the Pictures of the Day for March 16th and 17th. I'm doing the 18th separately since I had a special project on that day. In the meantime, enjoy!

March 16th: My desk lamp, with a knife my sister brought me from Morocco on the top. I wasn't sure where else to put the knife, and I don't like to make holes in the walls, seeing as they're made of cement and therefore seem more permanent. It's also convenient in case someone attacks me while I'm planning my lessons.

March 17th: My coworker Oscar. I know I already had him in the Picture of the Day a while back, but I guess he's too photogenic for his own good. This is him on St. Patrick's Day. I have a feeling that the stats on his shirt regarding his heritage may be a bit exaggerated, even if it only says 10%, but it's the thought and spirit that counts on St. Patrick's Day!

Welcome New Haven Register

I would like to welcome the New Haven Register readers to Soundbounder. I started this blog in 2008 as I became frustrated with the lack of access to many coastal areas of Long Island Sound. Since then, I have broadened  the content to include everything from artists, to oystering. Despite spending many years along the Sound, there are constantly new things I learn, and places I discover. I hope to share them with you here.
So, welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your visit as we drift and ramble along this ragged shore.

photo:Sunrise, Saybrook Point; March, 2010

Thursday, 18 March 2010

In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (3)

My posts about great European wildernesses were quitz before (In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (2) ,In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (1) ). This time I don't ask you any question because I think, you will not be able to answer where is situated this next region. If you want to try, it's a national park, in Europe, clear, the delta of a great river. It's very big (4152 km�) and is situated in 2 countries. Well, better to say, the 2 countries are situated in the area of this great river. You can see the environment on the photo. The answer is under the photo.

�?????� ?? ??????.??????

If you recognized the area, I confirm: it's Danube Delta, the second largest river delta in Europe. And here is the waltzer "The Danube's Waves" to celebrate your quick-wittedness

The 7 Lakes Region In Patagonia

If you like lakes, you will appreciate the "region of 7 lakes" in Argentina and the region of Bariloche. I've seen a documentary yesterday and was surprised to know, the landscapes are so different in Patagonia. This word created completely different images in my mind. I thought about the wales, pinguins and rocks maybe, but did not think, there could be a sort of Swiss there.

�?????� ?? ??????.??????

From Swiss image you find not only lakes and forests, there is a local chocolate there. They say, it's very good. And the residents began to coltivate grapes and to produce wine. It seemed very strainge for me, I did not think about the products they have there, but in my mind I was sure, there is everything in Argentine. Own grapes and wine too.

The most interesting was for me the notice, they have entire supermarket of chocolate where you can see how they "cook" it, how they produce what they sell.

My husband told me about the incredible meat there. Infact, we have meat from Argentine in our supermarkets too. It's very different from that Italian. If you need 2 hours tocook meat from Italy, you prepare meat from Argentina in only 40 minutes and less.

Well, i've watched the meat in the documentary... I'm not surprised the Argentinians eat 60 kg of this meat every year for a person...

?????????? ?? ??????.??????

Roger in a class of his own

Fabulous walk on the high hills this week with everyone enjoying the sunshine and great views. Well done to all for their stamina and good humour. Highlight of the day, however, was Roger's arrival in fine style.

The Fashion Of The Pirates' Treasure

If you read my posts about the pirates and their treasures, you surely noticed, they were very active in the Caribbean sea in XV-XVIII centuries (Finally the Pirate's Treasures For Us!!!, An Other Pirate's Island, Pirates of Port Royal/ Giamaica and others) I thought, why the pirates were so successful? They say, some of the ships were even more new and had more arms but they allowed the pirates to conquere them.

Probably, the matter was the crews that were fashinated by the freedom and the reputation of the leaders of the bands. They say, there was not discrimination by color of the skin, and everything the pirates took, they devided in equal parts between all the members of the crew.


Interesting is the story of one pirate named Bellamy Sam and the ship Whydah Gally. Black Sam was able to sack 54 ships after he took this ship for him. Al the treasure of 54 conquered ships was in Whydah. The ship became too heavy, sank in a storm and the cannons and treasures covered all the persons (only 2 remain alive). Re-discovered in 1982 only a part of the ship's treasure, the rest is waiting for us.

Bellamy was only 29 years old when died. The yougest member of crew had less than 11 years (Barry Clifford found his shoe and a sock).

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sad Day At Black Rock

I always hate stories like this. This weekend, someone went to St Mary's By The Sea in Black Rock and used a chainsaw to damage and destroy 15 sycamore trees that line the walkway of this attractive park. Some trees were toppled, while others received slices that circumvent the trunks and will eventually kill them.
Maybe I have watched too many detective shows over the years, but this doesn't seem like a random, teenage, vandalism act. Someone planned this, and when the nor'easter created a distraction, they made their move. 
While most of us were focused on the trees brought down by the storm, a more sinister destruction was taking place at the same time.

Black Rock Online: Vandals Target St Mary's
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photo credit: Black Rock Garden Club 

Monday, 15 March 2010

Pictures Of The Day, March 12-15, 2010

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days. These are the Pictures of the Day, but there are also leftovers, especially from our beach visit yesterday. One of the pictures even includes a police hut that was (possibly) destroyed by alligators!! Be sure to check out the leftovers and other pictures by following the links at the end of this post. In the meantime, enjoy these:

March 12th, 2010: While I was waiting for some Chinese food takeout, I stopped at the park in Palmares to take this picture. They're remodeling the church's towers, and it's an interesting sight, especially at night.

March 13th, 2010: My sister Diana brought us a few really neat pillowcases from Morocco a year or two ago. We finally got little pillows to put them in. Here's a close-up.

March 14th, 2010: A palm tree on Playa Bejuco on the central Pacific coast. It turned out kind of pretty. We went to the beach with Angela's mom, her two sisters, and a selected crew of her sisters' families.

March 15th, 2010: I love coffee, and I love my coffeemaker. Especially since it's a gaudy green color, and especially since I got it for free over 10 years ago when I bought some Gevalia coffee. It's still serving me tasty coffee about twice a day, after all these years.

So, hope you enjoyed these, but if not, check out the links directly below, and maybe there'll be something there you'll like! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!