Saturday, 5 November 2011

Danger 5!

Wow, I almost think this may not be real, simply because it looks like it's going to be so amazing:

But according to their website (which has a pretty hilarious spoof on a 60s action magazine complete with clickable articles), they're actually going to produce this, starting November 21st. I'm pretty sure the guy who says "Domo Arigato" is wearing the same wig I wear for most Halloweens.

I'm gaining more and more respect for Australia and Australians.

Monaco is the November Vacation of my Dreams

Monaco is situated not too far from the place where my friends have their summer flat. When I visited them for the first time about 25 years ago, they wanted to show me all the most interesting places and Monaco was among them. We travelled with the car, and there were the custom barriers in that period. I had the permission to stay only in Italy and could not pass the border, normally. But we found one place where the customs officers did not look at the passes (even if the first time I laid on the seat under the coat).This way we passed every afternoon and evening abroad.


One evening we were near the famous casino of Monaco and wanted to enter inside. Together with the very beautiful women with evening dresses. :-) that went out from Aston Martins cabriolets... Do you think, it was unpossible to enter there? No, we could enter without any problem in the main hall. But it was only a beautiful building... The entrance of the casino was in that main hall. Clearly, we could not enter there without special evening clothes.
Monaco was so beautiful in the daytime and in the evening, and I was so much impressed by it's beauty...I thought, it is the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life (betraying my love for Saint Petersburg).
Hotel in Monaco
I would like to visit Monaco once more. But NOW, in this period. Do you know, why? Because they have the most important feast on Nov. 19 and it will be the fireworks show in the evening. They say that those fireworks are the most beautiful in Europe. I would like to see this show...

Friday, 4 November 2011


Just a quick re-cap from Blogtoberfest: It was awesome! Many thanks to everyone who checked out the posts. I actually got up to 31, which is one more than last year. We'll have to see what I can get done next year!

I'll also include the Pictures of the Day from October if you'd like to check them out. You can see larger versions of them and the October Leftovers on flickr, or you can just check out the slideshow here:

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Walking the Nantes-Brest canal - update for 2012

The Red Dog Books guide to the Nantes-Brest canal first came out in 2007, and has been very well-received, proving popular with walkers and cyclists alike. It gives maps of the entire 365kms with details of what to see, where to stay and places to buy provisions. The introduction also covers the history of the canal and its construction.
This guide is now in the process of being updated for a new issue in 2012, when it will appear in a bi-lingual English/French form - the result of so many French people asking for a guide of this handy spiral-bound format in their own language.
Autumn and Winter walkers should make the canal towpath a prime target, as it offers easy going on made paths which do not get too muddy, although some stretches (in Finistere in particular) are occasionally underwater after very wet weather. Recommended areas for beautiful and varied scenery are the Foret de Branguily near Pontivy, from Plelauff to Bonen in Cotes d'Armor and from Chateauneuf-du-Faou to Pont Coblant in Finistere.