Saturday, 8 April 2006

First Post

The dark and dreary winter days have finally given way to spring and the skies over North Devon are blue. Hooray! After many long, cold winter months with nothing to do but hide from the weather I can finally look forward to getting out and about.

This morning I ventured as far as the end of our road and found the neighbourhood cats sunning themselves on the roofs of cars. My husband made it as far as the back garden and managed to unpack our conservatory roof - a first step towards actually building it. Double hooray!

So, in anticipation of a glorious summer to come, I will attempt to keep this blog updated with news of all the things that happen in and around this peaceful part of the world, and all the places there are to visit in it. Beaches, moorland, towns and villages - sooner or later you will find them all here.

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